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TCM 95

Bullas Tames the Island Territory

03 August 2012

Back in title winning form. The final race of what had been an action packed, weather disrupted, exciting and somewhat experimental weekend for the Touring Car Masters has seen dual series champion Gavin Bullas take home the final...

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Bob Middleton

Middleton takes ‘podium honours’

20 July 2012

in Drivers’ Fuel Efficiency Challenge by Volvo Trucks Volvo Trucks is not only a partner of Whiteline Transport Racing, but a dominant global brand who has held a strong focus on fuel efficiency and protection of the environment...

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TCM Queensland Raceway

Qualifying TCM List

24 June 2012

It’s time for the Masters to return to the office. It’s the half-way point of season 2012 and it’s time for the Masters to return to Queensland Raceway, the ‘paper clip’ being a place they have only ventured once before ...

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