Super Truck racing began in 1988 with simple road-going tractor or prime mover units, which were unhooked from their trailers, had a race seat and harness fitted and put onto the track to race. The trucks came in all different forms with sleeper cabs fitted and bogie drive units etc and the races were one-off events around Australia.

The sport soon picked up the pace and a regular series was developed across the various states of Australia. Regulations have been changed as all trucks are required to be a single drive unit without sleepers and other accessories and in 1993, the trucks began being personalised and gradually were allowed greater modifications.

The Light Truck class was instigated in the meantime to create a more economical class of truck, more nimble than the SuperTruck. Then, the Light Truck class was restricted to ISUZU SBR trucks, but today any light truck weighing approximately 3 tonnes with an engine capacity of 7500cc or less is eligible to race.

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